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PRP, platelet-rich plasma; is a method used to stop hair loss, maintain the current condition and improve the quality of the hair.


Approximately 8-15 cc of blood is collected from the subject and the PRP is obtained by centrifugation in a special kit. This platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors, stem cells, and proteins that are very effective in treating cells. This obtained plasma is applied to the scalp with small needles and napal technique with 1 cm intervals. The PRP process is 4-6 sessions with 1 month intervals and the application takes about 30 minutes.

As it is obtained from the person's own blood, it has no side effects, it is very reliable. It is a very effective process that can be applied at every age and every loss.

It is possible to increase this effect when applied with hair mesotherapy.


Hair mesotherapy is special mixtures for hair which consist of special vitamins, minerals, oligoelement and circulation regulators. With small needles, this mixture is injected into the scalp. It spreads through all the scalp through capillaries and starts to act. It is a very effective method to stop hair loss, preserve current condition and improve hair quality. It can be applied 10 times a week and lasts 10-20 minutes. Pain is not felt because it is made with very small needles.

The medication used in mesotherapy are very diverse. These medicines are approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). What is important is to know the pharmaceutical properties of the medicines used in the mixture to be made, their interactions with each other and their potential side effects. You can see the positive changes after 5 to 7 sessions from the start of the sessions. It will take 3 months to see the first positive results.

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