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Patients should be subjected to a number of controls and procedures to determine the specific technique when planning hair transplantation. In the individual hair transplantation technique, it is aimed to determine the most appropriate and best results for each patient.

Before the operation of the hair transplantation, a file containing the medical history information of the person is prepared together with the photographs taken from various angles during the examination. The photos taken are detailed images of the donor region where hair loss and baldness occur and healthy hair follicles will be taken.

Personalized hair design is the most important stage of hair transplantation. The shape of the hair after hair transplantation is determined by computer aided programs before the operation. For this, various aspects of the patient are taken during the examination. With these photos, areas where scaling and baldness are exposed are displayed in detail. It is planned to make hair transplantation with designs made from various angles on the face. In addition, these photos through the hairline of the person, that is to be on the forehead and the shape of the temple are also designed.

The Taner Küçük Hair Clinic family is committed to providing people-oriented service by keeping in mind the patient's privacy, keeping patient rights and focusing on patient safety and satisfaction. Our operations are carried out in a hospital environment with a fully sterile, specialist physician and experienced teams in the field.

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