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hair transplantation


Hair transplantation is a surgical intervention in order to provide hair to the people whose hair has been spilled, has a burnt hair, has a scar on the head, has hair shedding because of any disease or missing hair from birth.

In hair transplantation operations, firstly the patient is examined for his / her hair, and if there is any health problem about hair transplantation. After deciding on hair transplantation, appropriate haircuts are performed, the donor area between the two ears where the grafts will be taken is marked and local anesthesia is applied. The grafts taken by FUE method are kept in special solutions until the hair transplantation area is prepared. After the taking out grafts process, the area of hair transplantation is drawn and local anesthesia is applied again. Then, with a special tool, the channels where the roots will be placed are opened with the correct angle, direction and frequency. In the final stage; grafts are placed one by one to these channels. After the hair transplantation process is completed, the patient is discharged.

Planted hair will be lost in 1 month. After 3 months, the hair begins to emerge again. It continues until the 10th month. Thickening of the hair and the process takes 1 year to complete. If there is a health problem that slows down the person's metabolism; hair growth may continue for up to 15 months. The success of hair transplantation, 50% depends on the experience and knowledge of the team and 50% depends on the care of the patient after hair transplantation. Very good protection of the patient's hair, attention to what is said, the regular use of drugs, washing as shown and timely cleaning of the shells is very important.

Hair transplant surgery is a small-scale surgical intervention that must be carried out by a team of nurses and anesthesiologists under the supervision of a specialist doctor in a hospital setting.

hair transplantation

Wound Care after Hair Transplant Surgery

Although hair transplant surgery is a surgical intervention that does not restrict our lives, wound care should be managed professionally. The postoperative wound care process should be followed up seriously and the patient should be informed in detail about possible complications and intervene immediately if needed. Otherwise, permanent scarring may occur in the transplantation area and in the donor area where the root is taken. For a patient with hair transplant surgery, wound care techniques related to wounds caused by tissue intake in the donor region in postoperative period are planned separately for wound care in the transplantation area of hair transplantation. For the hair transplantation area where hair transplants are applied, wound care is performed without hand contact during graft attachment and wound closure. In the donor area where tissue intake is performed, rapid healing of wounds and tissue gaps due to root intake should be done by massaging the wound area in order to closure without scarring. In the postoperative period, it is very important for our patients to practice their medication strictly. From the patients who applied for revision surgery to us due to hair transplantation surgery not satisfied with the result from other clinics, the most common complaint was that they had difficulty in managing the process because they were left alone in the postoperative period. For this reason, our priority recommendation to our patients who follow and visit us is to prefer corporate companies for hair transplant surgery.

After transplantation, the transplantation area is left exposed, but the donor area with root intake is closed by dressing with antibiotic ointment. The patients are prescribed antibiotic prophylaxis as a one-week treatment to prevent infection in the postoperative period. The patient is called to the clinic after 1 day for the procedure for circulatory and infection control. During this control, the dressing applied to the donor area is removed and after the wound area is cleaned, the skin rashes are cleaned by using sterile sera. On the 2nd day, the patient comes back to the clinic for control and he is given 10 days training on washing how he should clean the transplantation zone and the donor area. During the washing process, video recording is performed and the patient is then allowed to observe the operation whenever he needs. In the first 3 days after surgery, we recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy to our patients in order to accelerate wound healing. During the first 5 days, we share the advice and recommendations of the patient either by clinical control or by photos taken by our patients. The wound healing time is 7 days in a normal healthy person, but this period may vary according to the patient's age and metabolic status. The 10-day period is sufficient to remove the scabs. After the 10th day, the operation of the wound cleaning is performed in our clinic. After the 10th day, the patient continues his life with the hair planted. Our advice to the patients after 10 days of wound care is the use of lotions to support skin renewal in the hair transplantation area and the donor area. Other than that the patient does not need any medical procedure.

The Taner Küçük Hair Clinic family is committed to providing people-oriented service by keeping in mind the patient's privacy, keeping patient rights and focusing on patient safety and satisfaction. Our operations are carried out in a hospital environment with a fully sterile, specialist physician and experienced teams in the field.

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