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DHI Method | The pencil technique consists of two stages. In the first stage the roots are taken one by one as the fue technique. In the second stage, the roots are placed in the pencils and the plantation is done without opening the channel.

Advantages of the pen technique;

  • In FUE method, 40-50 roots can be placed on one square centimeter and 60-80 roots can be placed with pen technique. Makes it easier to plant without hair shaving to areas where hair is not completely shed. Especially in narrow places, this method can be used more efficiently. Because the roots are placed one by one, the process takes longer and this increases the cost.
  • The DHI method is a process that requires much attention and requires experience. Since the opening of the channels is different from fue, it should definitely be done by an experienced and proffessional team. Otherwise, the channels may not be opened evenly, the roots can be damaged when placed, which leads to the failure of hair transplantation.
  • The Taner Küçük Hair Clinic family is committed to providing people-oriented service by keeping in mind the patient's privacy, keeping patient rights and focusing on patient safety and satisfaction. Our operations are carried out in a hospital environment with a fully sterile, specialist physician and experienced teams in the field.

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