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Beard and mustache transplantation operation can be applied easily to people who has scar, burn or dilution or no beard even. Fue technique, such as hair transplantation, has been used recently in the beard and mustache plantation, which has been highly preferred recently.

Roots taken from the donor area in the upper part of the neck, between the two ears, are placed by opening very oblique channels where needed. After planting beard and mustache, hair transplantation procedures are performed. After the 6th month, the expected results will begin to appear in the hair or mustache. There is no wound and incision in any way. Although it varies from person to person, the process takes 12-18 months to complete.

The beard is not like hair, it can be very different from person to person. A person with a markedly rare beard may not be uncomfortable with this. For this reason, sometimes not much beard root is needed in beard transplantation. If there is a regional beard loss, in this case, it is planned to plant in the vicinity of the beard frequency and the other parts of the face are harmonized. If the patient has no Beard, beard transplant can be performed with between 1000-3000 roots depending on the frequency and the limit desired by the patient. If the person is fully beardless, then 400 roots of each in the mustache and jaw regions, a total of 1000 roots provides a significant change in appearance.

The Taner Küçük Hair Clinic family is committed to providing people-oriented service by keeping in mind the patient's privacy, keeping patient rights and focusing on patient safety and satisfaction. Our operations are carried out in a hospital environment with a fully sterile, specialist physician and experienced teams in the field.

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